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Get Complete Termite Control Services For Your Home

Termite problem is one of the most common household issues in Australia. It not only damages wooden furniture and other expensive items in your house but also has the potential to give us a serious health issue. That’s why it becomes important to make sure that you opt for Termite Treatment in case of termites in your home. Be it termite, ants, or rodent infestation inside your home, you must get it eradicated from your house at the earliest. And if you’re looking to hire professionals to do Termite Control in Woolloongabba, then you’re at the right place. 

We are a Pest Control Woolloongabba team and we provide complete termite control services for your home. We have been offering residential termite control for many years. You can hire us easily for termite prevention and termite eradication by calling our phone number. 

Termite Control Woolloongabba

Termite Control Service

As termites often cause harm to property as well as health, you must consider termite control service if you find any sight of termites in your home. Due to its rapid spread, you must always try to prevent it from happening or getting it eradicated in its earlier spreading phase. Parasites often multiply rapidly, you must not take small termite spread casually. Try to get rid of termite on your own or hire a professional pest control team to do the task. 

We offer a wide range of services like termite inspection, termite prevention, and pest eradication. We only use industry-grade chemicals to make sure a safe environment for you and your loved ones. 

Termite Inspection

Termites are quite small in size and it is hard to locate on your own. Make sure your expensive furniture and wooden framework remain Termite-free by booking termite inspection in Woolloongabba. Once booked, we visit you, inspect your home, and give you a free quote for residential termite control service if your home requires it. 

Pre-purchase Building Termite Inspection

Planning to purchase a new building? If yes, you must consider pre-purchase building termite inspection before you finalise the deal. You can hire us to inspect the roof, lawn, insides and underground of the building. By doing so, you not only get to know if there’s termite infestation inside the building but also get the best deal out of the purchase. 

Types Of Termites We Control

Talking about termites, there are more than 300 species that you can find in Australia. The species list goes bigger that we cannot even think about mentioning them. These are the most common termites that can be found in residential place –

  1. West Indian Dry-Wood Termite
  2. Ring-Ant Termite
  3. Giant Termite
  4. Dampwood Termite

The chances of you finding out and identifying a termite in your home is quite unlikely as most of the top pest control people also cannot identify it. Always hire a professional pest control team in Woolloongabba if you find termite infestation in your house. 

Signs of Termite Infestation

These are the signs that tell you that your home is infested by termites –

  1. Damaged wood frameworks and furniture. 
  2. Blisters in wooden flooring
  3. Swarm Attack
  4. Mud Tubes
  5. Feces of Drywood Termite

The best way to fix the termite issue is to never let the termite infestation happen in the first place. Call Professionals if you find signs of termite infestation. 

Best Termite Control Woolloongabba

Termite Baiting

Termite Baiting is the process of disrupting the multiplication process in termites. It has cellulose with slow-acting insecticides which highly affects the termites. After two weeks of ingestion of baits, termites often die. We provide the Termite Baiting service for all in Woolloongabba. 

Termite Dusting 

Termite Dusting is an effective way of killing the termites by spreading the toxic dusting powder on the termite-infested area. It is best to do the termite dusting in summers as the termites are more active in warm conditions and they spread the toxic dust to each other. You have to drill a hole near the infested area and spread the toxic dust all over it. You can use Termidor dust or arsenic dust to get rid of residential termites. Also, you can hire our team for this service.

Your Best Termite Controllers in Woolloongabba

If you’re facing termite infestation in your house and looking for termite treatment, you’re at the right place. We are Woolloongabba Pest Control and we offer all kinds of residential termite control services. Considering our reasonable price, effective pest controlling, and quick pest control service delivered to your home, we can proudly claim that we are the best termite controllers in Woolloongabba and you must get in touch with us if you’re looking for total termite eradication from your house. 

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